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Thursday 30th December 2004
Rewa and I arrived at Maketu about midday, Richard was out with a 5.3m sail and waist to head high waves - odd bigger set, tearing it up - so I rig a 5.3 , Rewa rigs a 4.5m. Cruise out no probs, Rewa comes out no probs, nicely powered up, steady breeze, a few jumps and backside wave riding. Paul catches a nice sized set wave from out the back, cruises along then attempts to go frontside, lays the sail over too much, right in front of the breaking wave, can't recover and gets trashed. Boom gets ripped out of his hands, sail flips over and there goes his board and rig. Slowly swimming in with the surf he makes his way in to shore where he can see his board and rig floating in the rip. Richard sails over to make sure he's okay then sails over to get the board. By now Paul can stand up, sees his board floating and the mast is broken. Gutted he swims over to get his board and heads into the beach - that's the end of his windsurf session after only 20 mins, luckily the sail is ok. Paul de-rigs on the beach then slowly makes his way along the beach floating his gear in the water with Richard blasting along the sand bank metres away having fun. Rewa sees Paul about to cross the river, the current ripping out, Paul heads further up-stream then swims across with his gear no probs. Rewa helps Paul carry his gear up to the grassy area. Richard is still blasting by the sand bank so Rewa goes and joins him. Short runs flat water blasting Paul watches while talking to John and Dan. Rewa blasts along the sandbank heading towards the Mount, gybes and smacks the sand bar. Richard goes to see if she is ok. Result: twisted ankle but she manages to sail back and Paul helps her with her equipment while Rewa sits in the water to help prevent swelling. Paul of course thinks yay! 'cause he can now go out with Richard, John and Dan who are ripping in the surf using Rewa's mast of course. So he quickly rigs the 5.8m sail and off for a great sailing session with the boys while Rewa sits in the water bathing her sore ankle. John looks like he had a great time sailing just about pulling off a couple of backward loops, in conditions like home on Guernsey Island, cross- onshore and pissing down with rain. We finished with a coffee in the local cafe talking about todays incidents and what a great session the rest of the guys missed out on.
Till the next session.

Wednesday 29th December 2004
With the weather promising at least a good 15knot NE and small waves on the coast, a keen few headed down to Maketu just after midday.  The morning it seemed produced most of the wind, as by the time we arrived at Maketu the wind was quite light.   Not to be discouraged Paul, John D and Dave S were out on the water in no time.   Paul and John were lucky to catch a good 5 to 10 minutes of decent gusts, then it dropped off.  Andrew and Dean arrived and made the most of the light conditions as well.  The wind didn't quite kick in but at least the air and water temperatures were much improved after the unusual weather we've been experiencing lately, especially with the hailstones at Fergusson Park recently!  Check out John D and Andrew and Dave S making the most of the surf at Maketu this arvo ............. 

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Sunday 5th December 2004
Strong, cool SWesterlies today (and no surf on the Coast) Fergusson Park it was going to be.  Howling spring conditions, about 25 knots with some insane gusts and fronts coming through at around 30knots+ - keeping everyone on their toes and hanging on for dear life with a few close calls! 
There was a sense of energy and excitement in the air!   4.0metre sails seemed to be the order of the day.  John from Guernsey Island (UK), Richard and Andrew still getting some good air off the small chop and making it look easy as they do!  Fergie Park was packed with at least 20+ windsurfers making the most of it - with windsurfers of all levels out there enjoying the cool, blustery conditions and incoming tide.  Even the ex-windsurfers who usually kite-board utilised the strong wind, dusting off their windsurfing gear and joining us on the water.
Hats off too, to those with  limited equipment who were determined to get out there and enjoy themselves no matter what!
It was great to see everyone come out of the woodwork.  What a great turnout.   An awesome session with agreements of great satisfaction all round.  Looking forward to the next session!

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Sunday 21st November 2004
No casual racing today - It seemed the wind had other ideas and did a "no show"!  So the optimistic few who were there being a grand total of 4 - Darryl, Dean, Paul and Rewa - enjoyed Pauls bbq'd sausages while willing the wind to kick in.  A superlight W breeze of about 7-10 knots eventuated so out came the big gear - with Darryl, Dean and Rewa enjoying the super light wind conditions and doing a few leisurely runs to Matakana Island and back.

15 November 2004
Yellow Pages speed record broken, 46.82knts by Finian Maynard

Sunday 7 November 2004
A sunny 23C and a light 10-15knt easterly wind.  With a wide variety of equipment and sails eight races were held on a simple figure-eight course with the beginners intermediates doing two laps and the Mistral guys with big sails doing three/four laps.  Graham and Dave S were having fun duelling it out on their Mistrals while everyone else tried to beat Rewa on an old daggerboard Bombora and Sail from the 80's.
Next race is Sunday 21st November 2004, 2.00pm Kulim Park, Tauranga.  There will be a BYO BBQ and drinks afterwards.  See you all there!

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1 November 2004 North's new 2005 sail range

Wednesday 22 September 2004
Having  15- 25 knt westerlies since Saturday it really kicked in today. 30knt plus westerly winds today, Andrew and I went sailing at Fergusson Park since the coast was flat. Strongest most consistent day in about 2 years. I was using a 4.5m sail and was getting blown of the water at times,  Andrew had his smallest sail a 4.7m sail and was trying to sail in the lulls which didn't happen very often and the other two guys blasted out and just manage to struggle back. Roll on spring conditions.

Monday  6 September 2004
Another great day of casual fun racing on Sunday, being 5th September – Father’s Day. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than a day on the water.   A good turnout, considering it was a rugby weekend.  Three races were held, standing starts and an easy figure-eight course again.
Excellent sunny warm weather with 15-20 knot Westerly winds. Even with the wind being on the lighter side at times, it was well worth the wait when the 15-20 knot winds kicked in, producing some nice tight racing around the markers. Graham won overall, making it look easy whilst trucking up-wind to those markers.
Next casual race day, Sunday 7th November, 2.00pm at Kulim Park, Tauranga.   See you there!!!

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P1050627.jpg (42377 bytes) P1050696.jpg (55043 bytes) P1050764.jpg (54672 bytes)

Monday 23 August 2004
Strong NW overnight and a swing to SW in the morning produced some small waves and good bump and jump conditions down at Maketu which was had by myself and UK John what a change from yesterdays harbour racing.

Sunday 22 August 2004
Sunday turned out to be a primo day for some casual fun RACING and a get together at Kulim Park, Tauranga. With excellent sunny weather and  20knt W/SW winds conditions couldnt be much better. 5 races,  were held, standing starts and an easy figure eight course. Great experience for the intermediates and close fast packed action for the advanced sailors.
Dont miss the next casual race day, Sunday, 5 Sept., 11am at Kulim Park, Tauranga.
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Mvc-362f.jpg (89290 bytes)Mvc-364f.jpg (66025 bytes)Mvc-369f.jpg (94382 bytes)

21August 04 Olympic Mistral Mens windsurfing results
21August 04 Olympic Mistral Womans  windsurfing results
20 August 04 Possible new shape olympic board by Starboard
15August 04 Starboard's new 2005 product range

Sunday 15 August 2004
8am in the morning Dean rings up, he's at Omanu and it's blowing cross-shore with good head high waves. Rewa contacts all the local coast sailors and they all meet up at Omanu. With cold wet windy 5.0 conditions they reluctantly rig up. John from the UK stating it was just as cold as back home. With cross-on conditions it wasn't too good for wave riding but great for jumping and really powered up.  Midday they decided to move to Tay St, where hopefully it was more cross-shore. Tay St was good but the wind was now lighter so getting out was a bit harder with some good trashings on the way out but excellent conditions for wave riding, with solid head high waves and long rides; by mid afternoon the wind had died.
Strong NW at Fergusson Park was good for the harbour sailors as well,  low tide, some close-up pics of the regulars. It was cold as in the morning but by midday it was actually warm enough to go out in a spring suit.
P1.jpg (32136 bytes)
P3.jpg (27819 bytes)P4.jpg (22658 bytes)P5.jpg (29020 bytes)

Wednesday 11 August 2004
Dave and Andrew out at Papamoa boat Ramp 10 knts of wind and small waves but nice sunny hot weather for winter, the pics make it look good but it wasnt that great, Rewa and I just sat on the beach.
Mvc-358f.jpg (53348 bytes)
Mvc-345f.jpg (37667 bytes)Mvc-348f.jpg (47511 bytes)Mvc-354f.jpg (55489 bytes)
Papamoa shore break can pack a punch even when it is small.
Mvc-340f.jpg (62749 bytes)Mvc-343f.jpg (58603 bytes)

Wednesday 28 July 2004
Andrew on a no surf , no wind day went out on his kayak and catches a 45cm snapper and in the 6 inch surf on the way he gets trashed haha.
Lsnapper45cm.jpg (49690 bytes)

Sunday 18 July 2004
Maketu cross off
wind and large swell I ended up getting worked came in and went surfing instead, while I was out surfing we later found out their were 3 large earthquakes centered at Lake Rotoiti any closer to the coast and we might have had some really really really large waves.
WindsurfMaketu2.jpg (50469 bytes)WindsurfMaketu3.jpg (46436 bytes)
WindsurfMaketu4.jpg (47108 bytes)WindsurfMaketuRinsed.jpg (49841 bytes)

Sunday 18 July 2004
Same day Fergusson Park Low Tide - don't know if they knew there was an earthquake
LTide1.jpg (53875 bytes)
LTide2.jpg (81313 bytes)LTide3.jpg (56649 bytes)LTide4.jpg (61914 bytes)

17 July 04 NZ windsurfers wanted for NB commercial Auditions 15 August

Saturday 3 July 2004
Fergusson Park super windy day you can even get wasted on flat water.
Ferg1.jpg (45682 bytes)
Ferg2.jpg (46550 bytes)Ferg3.jpg (49630 bytes)Leg.jpg (44737 bytes)

1 July 04 Tropical Energy Challenge a new concept windsurfing contest & a Miss Tropical Energy comp

Thursday 1 July 2004
The strong  SW overnight just killed the swell dead flat off the coast so Paul, Richard, Andrew and John went for a blast at Speed Creek, sunny 5.0m weather with occasional stonger gusts, John the only one with a slalom board was smoking us on our wave gear; after a few runs next to the speed bank we blasted out in the harbour to do a bit of chop hopping.

30 June 04 Sponsors needed for an artificial surfing reef project at Mt Maunganui

Wednesday 30 June 2004
Kev, John, Richard and Paul had another wicked session at Maketu with strong SW and head to logo-high waves, the wind was light at first 5.2m then early arvo it just kicked in to 4.5m and nice sized surf, mid to high tide was better for side shore wave riding jibbing in the estuary and  blasting back out. I managed to put a hole in 2 sails.

25 June 04 Graham has some more pics of big Sunday
23 June 04 2004-05 Auckland Race Series Calendar
22 June 04
Check out the pic of James getting rinsed at Tay St on Big Sunday
22 June 04 Norths new Power XT adjustable mast extension
22 June 04 Neil Pryde reintroduce the Combat Wave and V6 sails for 2005
22 June 04 Gaastra's new 2005 wave sail range

Tuesday 22 June 2004

Check out this wicked photo that Graham sent me of  James getting rinsed at Tay St on Big Sunday.

Getting Rinsed at Mt Maunganui.jpg (25836 bytes)

Monday 21 June 2004
With the swell dropping back a bit and the wind blowing more West just after midday John and Andrew got a good 5.5m sail in with half mast high waves at Papamoa Boat Ramp and Paul  was out by himself that evening till dark. Good down the line wave sailing was had by all.

Sunday 20 June 2004
Big Sunday, Tay St, hot sunny 20 degrees in the winter, very rare that we get a strong  NW wind and large swell combining to give us epic conditions and when it does everyone is too unfit to handle it.

Mvc-250f.jpg (47497 bytes)Mvc-251f.jpg (54067 bytes)Mvc-252f.jpg (50512 bytes)

Mvc-259f.jpg (51454 bytes)Mvc-262f.jpg (48216 bytes)Mvc-263f.jpg (43501 bytes)

While we were at Tay St Darryl and Rob reported them and a few others had a blast at Fergusson Park low tide on a NW screaming flat water reaches all the way to the channel marker the water was super smooth with the wind whipping across the sand bank.

Friday 18 June 2004
Andrew and Paul had a good midday session at Tay St with dead onshore winds and small waves, low to mid tide, windsurfing parallel to the beach between the shore break and outside break. Bit light at first but the wind got gradually stronger, the rips and currents helped to stay upwind very easy sailing so there are days when its dead onshore you can still have fun at Tay St.
Later that day Dean had a good bump and jump windsurf  at Kulim Park the wind had picked up considerably 4.0m weather I heard.

Saturday 12 June 2004
Tay St with a rare SE wind, bit light but fun sailing on the opposite tack for a change and warm sunny conditions, 16 degree water temp. Rewa, Dave and Andrew in the pics.

Mvc-240f.jpg (52448 bytes)Mvc-233f.jpg (55505 bytes)Mvc-246f.jpg (59686 bytes)
Mvc-238f.jpg (63132 bytes)Mvc-235f.jpg (59342 bytes)

Monday 7 June 2004
Fergusson Park strong SW good to see beginner Rosemary giving it a go on a blustery day and a couple of new faces out on the water blasting.
Mvc-160f.jpg (58159 bytes)Mvc-162f.jpg (66782 bytes)Mvc-165f.jpg (53938 bytes)
Mvc-182f.jpg (64667 bytes)Mvc-170f.jpg (44049 bytes)Mvc-166f.jpg (55467 bytes)
Mvc-177f.jpg (60777 bytes)Mvc-179f.jpg (60177 bytes)

Sunday 6 June 2004
Paul and Rewa did a 1 day roadtrip to NP(3 1\2hr drive). The forecast was for 30knt plus SW winds and a swell rising to 5metres. On arrival the tide was high at Waitara the wind was light and fluky on the inside, some locals recommended  a place called Boulders in the middle of town when they turned up there were a half dozen guys out tearing it up with 4.5m sails. After a great afternoon session tired and weary they drove back to Tauranga and got home about 9pm.  Some of the boys had gone to Maketu 4.0m weather and 2 ft waves what a difference. Pics below of Boulders, New Plymouth, Taranaki. 

Mvc-144f.jpg (44048 bytes)Mvc-148f.jpg (39924 bytes)


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