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9th February 2006
Sundays Kulim Park ELEMENTS open day could not have been better, sunshine and cross shore winds encouraged everyone out on the water. It was great to see so many coming down for say a windsurf but then also getting excited about sailing the new topaz boats. Weve some great pics from the open day which capture the buzzing atmosphere, email them on request.
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The day would have been very different without the energy and help from the Elements Team. So thanks to Steve, Sarah, Grant, Pauliene, Lance, Annalise, Brandon, Meridy (not forgetting Andy who was busy in Auckland on the day) and all of you that helped spread the word especially Paul of www.cybersurf.co.nz/windsurfing fame.

From the feedback we've been getting we know that we have a great team who consistently deliver the goods on great kit at a location that is hard to beat. However like any new business we need to spread the word, to encourage this we are going to continue our promotional offer. So if you enjoyed your session then please tell your friends, if they make a booking then you can come back and join in for free.

This not only helps us but is a great way to get back on the water to practice your new skills with an instructor to guide you.
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I'm always keen to hear new ways to promote watersports, after the success of the open day we will defiantly run another before the summers runs out both here in Tauranga and Auckland.

4th September 2005
Local Wave action over the last 6months at Tay St, Papamoa and Maketu.

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Mvc-889f.jpg (82016 bytes) Mvc-891f.jpg (70844 bytes) Mvc-067s.jpg (14549 bytes)

Fanatic launch their 2006 board range
4.8.05 JP Neil Pryde windsurfing web contest
4.8.05 Neil Pryde launch their 2006 sail range

29.3.05 Windsurfer Extraordinaire Bjorn Dunkerbeck on track for new speed sailing record -  where half-Dutch half Danish Bjorn makes another gallant attempt to prepare to break 12year speed record of 46.82 knots last set by Irish-born Finian Maynard in November 2004 in Marseilles, France
15.2.05 Neil Prydes new race sail the - RS5

12.2.05 The Team form Gaastra have moved and setup Mauisails
10.2.05 New Super X board from Fanatic - Hawk

Saturday, 12th February 2005: 11.20am
Saturday arvo was looking good for heading out to Papamoa Boat Ramp, but before going Rewa and Paul decided to go check out Ferguson Park to see who may have been out and about on the water. Sure enough - being a beautiful sunny hot day and a fair bit of wind there were a good 10-15 keen windsurfers of all levels everywhere blasting along the water, with their gear being of old and new. Check out the action at Fergie:

 Mvc-680f.jpg (52617 bytes) Mvc-685f.jpg (40392 bytes) Mvc-687f.jpg (72074 bytes)
Mvc-690f.jpg (41255 bytes) Mvc-692f.jpg (46249 bytes) Mvc-693f.jpg (46572 bytes)

Saturday, 12th February 2005: 12:30pm
Arrived at Papamoa Boat Ramp to find Richard Evans rigged and ready to go out; although seeming to be in two minds he tried his luck all the same in the West/SW gusty off-shore wind. Andrew, James and John were already out, braving the not so desirable conditions as well but making the most of it anyway and making it look easy despite the conditions. Check out a few of the pics……

 Mvc-704f.jpg (61150 bytes) Mvc-707f.jpg (60052 bytes) Mvc-708f.jpg (47719 bytes) Mvc-711f.jpg (49587 bytes)

 Paul and I were about to leave, when James broke his mast in the unforgiving shore-break after trying to launch off the beach, getting caught on the very flukey inside wind shadow between the sand-dunes and the launching area. This can prove a challenge on a West/SW wind. We were gutted for James - but lucky he had another mast.

With the conditions not looking too hopeful, Paul and Rewa left seeking more favourable cross-shore conditions further down the coast at Maketu, leaving the boys to make the most of their limited time on the water. Even though he was hugely disappointed with a broken mast James still managed to wish us a good sail down at Maketu!

We arrived at Maketu to find it windy and small surf at around 15knots and more cross than off-shore. Looking for a bit of fun in the surf anyway, we rigged smaller sails (with Paul nursing his cracked boom!). Then the wind dropped off before we got on the water, so change sails we did. Paul to the 5.8 and Rewa to the 5.3. A bit marginal to begin with when we first got out then it kicked in quite nicely. Had a great sess. with Paul and Rewa even catching the same wave and seemed to be in synch. with each other.  Would have been great entertainment from the land we reckon! The waves coming in were lovely and steep and perfect for jumping.

We were pretty stoked with getting out 2 days in a row, with nice warm sunny conditions and warm water and after our stint at Maketu rounded off the session with a stop-off at Te Puke for an icecream!

We'd not long been home then we get a call from Dave S - he's driving through Te Puna, on his way back from Auckland telling us he was going to be in Tauranga shortly and ready to go sailing, and were we interested - so we said we could be tempted for another sail so off we went. Got out to Papamoa Boat Ramp; wind direction was still cross-off; wind was light again and of course tide was out and small waves but we rigged all the same and gave it a go. It was a bit gusty at times but managed to catch a few nice waves. Dave trogged out on his old 6.0 and big pig and managed to catch a few waves despite the light conditions.

Andrew reported later that after we left them at Papamoa Boat Ramp "it was gusty offshore then some rain came thru and was westerly after that. We all got some excellent wave rides. Wicked off the lips", with Richard carving up the waves big-time, pulling off a rooster-tail and James dealing to the waves too.

Check out the great pics Andrew caught of Richard and James mixing it up on the waves ……… go guys!!!

Rich2.jpeg (81391 bytes) James1.jpeg (87234 bytes) rich3.jpeg (79950 bytes)

All in all it seemed Andrew, Richard and James had the best session of the day - bring on the next sess!!!



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