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Monday 30 December 2001
Excellent weekend with 25 knot westerlies everywhere has been going off; Papamoa, Fergusson Park and Sulphur Point.
Below are photos from Papamoa Beach boat ramp - the Evans brothers - Dave and Richard, Rod, Kev, Dean, Andrew and a visitor from Auckland with a 9.8m sail being his "small" sail!

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Below are photos from Sulphur Point Speed Creek - Rewa, John and Anne looking a bit rusty and John even blowing  a gybe

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Friday 28 December 2001
The last few weeks produced lots of rain and the odd day sailing with the wind blowing for a few hours and plenty of swell, so there has been the odd epic sail for a couple of hours off the coast.  Mostly it has been light winds ideal for beginners and intermediates at  Kulim Park or Fergusson Park.  Today has been good sailing with 25 knot NW, Side-shore Papamoa boat ramp and 1-2ft surf - Andrew, Dave Stewart, the Evans Bros and Paul Hooker out sailing and Dave Evans reportedly pulling off good clean forwards.

Sunday 9 December 2001
Race 3 of the Techno Cup Series was held at Kulim Park in light 5-10 knot variable breeze, sunny warm conditions,  with four people making the trip from Auckland - the Lichwachts - Alan, Mike and Nick  along with Ben.  The light weights dominated with big sails coming out on top with the heavy weights trailing behind.   A good gust of around 10-15 knots kicked in at one stage, giving everyone a decent blast ....... A light wind fun day was topped off with a barbeque at Kulim Park with sausages, cokes and cold beers where everyone was treated to receiving their cash prizes and lucky dip prizes, courtesy of Semikron, Bic Sport and Assault.  Thanks again to Stuart for your support and generosity - even when the going gets tough!  Look forward to the next Techno Cup Race in the New Year.

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A visit from a passer-by checking out the racing and having fun in the light conditions ...

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Monday 3 December 2001
Kulim Park is an excellent spot for learning to windsurf, nice sandy bottom, grassy rigging area, shallow and metres from the waters edge. Here are some photos of Tracey from Katikati having fun today in a 10 knot breeze, good to see other  women on the water.

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Sunday 25 November 2001
A nice sunny warm day, 1-2ft surf and forecast of 20 knot SE  a few of us turned up looking for a windsurf at Tay St just after midday but it was not to be with about 5 knots of wind and the kitesurfers sitting on the beach admiring the views. With lack of wind Andrew, Paul, Royce and Dave got out the longboards for an expression surf session with his stylish trimming and long rides Andrew coming out tops in the dying swell. That evening when everyone had packed up and left the wind picked up to 15 - 20 knots as forecast.

Saturday 24 November 2001
A few of us got together for a pre-Xmas Windsurfers/Kiteboarders barbeque held at Kulim Park Tauranga which, considering the wet weather, was quite a success & great fun.
A tarpaulin put up between our vans also helped to fend off the rain.  It turned out to be a great afternoon with a few good kite-boarding/windsurfing & surf stories.   We also had the Hamilton contingent of kite-boarders/windsurfers over for the day,   some of them originally from Austria, The Netherlands, and France & Germany, so our barbie had an international flavour to it.  Congratulations to Kev and Teina on the safe arrival of their precious son  - who incidentally showed good form in his bouncer - perhaps a budding windsurfer/kiteboarder like his Dad????  Thanks to everyone who made it - great to see you all again - and look forward to the next barbie & seeing you out on the water! 

Windsurfers Barbeque - 24.11.01 - Kulim Park, Tauranga

Thursday 8 November 2001
Had a windsurf last night off  Sulphur Point after work 6.0m sail and nice ramps in the channel smooth water either side for gybing.
Received some photos of Andrew doing a backloop and Kev doing a tabletop windsurfing last week off the coast

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Tuesday 6 November 2001
Rewa and Andrew were out at  Papamoa Domain Tuesday arvo the wind was a bit light, Dean was out at Dive Crescent low tide on the speed bank big sail blasting and Kev reported an excellent session  Monday evening at his place good ramps and ended up putting a hole in his sail, photos of Andrew Papamoa Domain

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Monday 5 November 2001
Andrews Comments: - Good session at Tay St Monday night.  We probably should have gone down to Papamoa though as it would have been much more side shore without the dumpy bar break. Mind you the swell down Papamoa is pretty much travelling sideways and at Tay St  you can usually find other people to sail with. 5 people out last night, it was almost crowded!

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Friday 2 November 2001
Its been a excellent week for windsurfing with wind every day and the tides right for an after work session at Kulim Park with a few out of towners coming over for the evening. Kev, Andrew and John have been having fun on the coast at Tay St and Papamoa Boat Ramp in 1-2ft surf. A few fots from the past week.

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Sunday 7 October 2001
Saturday was a great day out at Kulim with 5.5m conditions and the most windsurfers to be seen in a long time. Sunday Maketu waist to headhigh waves, cross shore wind, 5.5m sails, sunny and only 3 people out, Dave, Dean and Rewa what more could you ask for?

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Saturday 29 September
Great day out at Tay St, hot and sunny, 6.0m sails floaty boards and 1-2ft surf. Topped off  with a great birthday party that night at  Royces (ex-windsurfer) place.

Saturday 25 August
Kev out at Taylors Reserve variable light wind day.

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Tuesday 21 August 2001
The last week has brought some wind finally. With Dean, JP and Rod getting out during the week at Fergusson Park and Kulim Park.  Dean scoring a good
session yesterday at Maketu 6.0m sail and head high sets.

Sunday 10 June 2001
Kev and Glen had another great early morning  windsurf Taylors Reserve, Papamoa beach. Crosshore winds and 1 metre waves great for jumping apparently.
Techno Cup racing at Kulim Park  was cancelled due to lack of numbers, but a few AKers still turned up and had a great day sailing at Kulim Park.

Monday 28 May 2001
Big Kev had a good windsurf by himself at Maketu Saturday morning 2-3 ft surf 5.0m sail. Andrew went later in the afternoon smaller waves less wind 5.6m weather and managed to snap his fin, getting too radical. Added some more photos to the website from Andrew of various people windsurfing locally

Saturday 19 May 2001
The local Tauranga/Mount crew scored a session at Taylors Reserve, Papamoa beach. Wind was dead crossshore 5.5m sails and 1-2ft surf

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